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2-component self-developed repair systems for conveyor belts and wear protection.

Introducing CORRUFLEX™

– brought to you by Speedbird – one of the world’s most experienced suppliers of sidewall conveyor belting with more than a century of combined experience in all aspects of sidewall belt technology enabling us to provide high quality products and service to all clients.

For more than 50 years, Sidewall belting, has been developed into a primary solution for steep incline and vertical conveying of bulk materials.  The critical features that apply to CORRUFLEX™ Sidewall Belts are engineered into the individual components that make up a complete sidewall belt and these are as follows:

Base Belt:

Designed and selected for each application, consisting of high transverse rigidity in conjunction with low elongation.  The belts can be of all – textile design, a combination of textile and transverse steel cords or all steel cord design, according to the strength required and application requirements.


Manufactured from a high grade rubber compound specifically formulated to provide the optimal flexing performance which is provided by high strength and elongation.  Our sidewalls are also available with an additional diagonal fabric reinforcement which is a standard feature for 75mm and 100mm wide sidewalls and optional on the 50mm wide sidewalls.


These are available in varying heights and designs which are selected according to the application requirements.  Our cleat range provides optimal conveying capacity and load support along with abrasion resistance and discharge performance.  Cleats from ≥ 140mm are fabric reinforced as standard and optional on lower cleats.


The process of applying sidewalls and cleats to the base belt is a critical feature for all sidewall belts and is an issue which Speedbird views with great importance.  Our high bond-strength cold bonding process is generally used with an option for hot vulcanising which is primarily used for heat resistant applications or where this method is the customer’s preference.

A leading global supplier with over 100 years
experience within the industry.


Our CORRUFLEX™ sidewall belts are generally packed in steel crates to ensure that the belt arrives at the final destination in the correct manner.


Speedbird views this with extreme importance.  All base belts are supported by a test certificate in accordance with international industry standards.  Sidewalls and cleats are continually tested dynamically on our test conveyor in order to verify long belt life.  The bond strength of sidewalls and cleats to the base belt is also checked to ensure that this complies with our high internal requirements.

Additional Services

As one of the world’s most experienced supplier of Sidewall Conveyor Belting, Speedbird is far more than a product supply company.  Due to our accolade of over 100 years combined experience with sidewal belt technology, we are able to provide the following:

  • Belt selection for new applications
  • Conveyor design advice
  • Site splicing assistance
  • Troubleshooting